Lori Dundas Interior Design is a boutique interior design firm focused on connecting people to the built environment.

With a background in hospitality & spa design, Lori understands the desire people have to create a special haven for themselves and for their families. Inspired by seeing connections in nature, and understanding the effect of the built environment on people’s wellbeing, Lori collaborates with a discerning clientele from concept to completion, to create personal and holistic, luxury design experiences. Her passion is for designing spaces that successfully capture the spirit of individuals in the details. She is often referred to clients for her easy going nature, natural ability to connect with clients, and for an intuition in reflecting meaningful elements in her designs. Projects are identified with having a sense of warmth and comfort, a combination of natural elements, clean lines and signature modern moments. She continually experiments with inspiring ways to use light, color, texture, and new materials; as well as finding moments to showcase objects of exquisite craftsmanship.


To connect people to the built environment through thoughtful, meaningful contemplation, and solid, sound design practice.

By listening to clients and learning about their past, present and aspirations for the future… spaces can be created that nourish the soul, enhance the daily experience and celebrate the journey in a timeless and unique way.

“We are more then what we own; we are merely the energy that made it possible. To open up our homes to others, really is to open up and allow people a glimpse into who we are, where we’ve been, and ultimately share in what we believe to be important. A home is a sanctuary, a space to nourish those that live there and inspire those that visit. It should be as much about emotion, as it is about function.”
— Lori Dundas


These are links to organizations that rely heavily on private donations. At the end of the year a portion of Lori Dundas Interior Design Ltd’s profits will be donated to help make a difference by supporting these amazing groups.

Please feel free to be inspired to make your own difference, and encourage others around you to give back when the opportunity arises.

The organizations below are just a few amongst many, put together by people that have dedicated their life’s work, to helping out where they see a need. Please show your support by making a donation and supporting their good works.

Ask Nature
Barrhead Animal Rescue
I human Youth Society