Lori Dundas Interior Design Inc works one-on-one with clients to create spaces that evoke a sense of nature, uplift the spirit and inspire.

With two decades of experience in hotel, spa, dental clinic, head office, luxury condominium suites/lobbies, restaurants and private residence design, Lori understands people’s desires to create their own sanctuaries. Places they can go to recharge, to enjoy quality time with loved ones, and share with family and friends. From concept to completion, Lori weaves together elements to create balanced and cohesive designs. The intention to be that one room perfectly compliments the next, in a non-pretentious, carefully curated manner.

Projects may range in scale but all can be identified by their having a sense of warmth and comfort, showcasing interesting use of natural materials and modern moments.

Lori is best known for her usage of unique lighting and the latest technology; as well as finding opportunities to showcase local craftsmanship.


To connect people to their built environment through thoughtful, meaningful contemplation, and solid, sound design practice.

By listening to clients and learning about their past, present and aspirations for the future… spaces can be created that nourish the soul, enhance the daily experience and celebrate the journey in a timeless and unique way.

“To open up our homes to others, really is to open up and allow people a glimpse into who we are, where we’ve been, and ultimately share in what we value. A home is a sanctuary, a space to nourish those that live there and inspire those that visit. It should be as much about emotion, as it is about function.”
— Lori Dundas, Principal